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David's Kitchen

Discover how our innovative online training helps continually drive customer service levels sky-high.

David’s Kitchen was created by seasoned retailer David Sands. They provide fresh hot and cold food-to-go and convenience shopping from a store in Dalderse Avenue in Falkirk and a store on Caskieberran Road in Glenrothes. The stores are award-winning and have built upon David’s significant experience in the sector to provide a fresh look at retailing in the area. David’s Kitchen cleverly manages to combine their convenient food and hot drinks to-go inside convenience retail stores to provide customers with a one-stop-shop with everything they should hopefully need. 



The Challenge

David’s Kitchen wanted Bolt to look at the provision of compliance-based training for their staff in both stores. They currently require the store managers to carry out all forms of training and were looking for a solution that could start by relieving the managers from the compliance elements but later expand into other areas.

Compliance is vitally important to a business such as David’s Kitchen where staff may be required to handle food according to industry standards and regulations as well as age-related sales. They needed a solution that any authorities could look at and instantly see where the company is compliant, who within the business is compliant and also when recap or renewal is due.

They hoped that they could free up their store managers' time firstly by letting us handle their compliance across the business but then later continuing more of the staff training as part of Bolt’s solution rather than a store manager’s responsibility. 

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Bolt's Solution

As Bolt can provide compliance training as a switch-on service, David’s Kitchen were up and running with their training within a day and their 47 staff were allocated the first module required. The modules we supplied through a branded LMS encouraged David’s Kitchen staff to be much more active than most online training; we incorporated real-life scenarios into our training as well as prompts to test the learner’s pre-existing knowledge, all of which helps staff to retain information at a higher rate and also gets the staff engaged with their learning. This is all vital for a company like David’s Kitchen as they are preparing fresh meals daily as well as selling age-restricted products.  



Business Results

Our bite-sized modules are well-liked by the staff and eagerly taken. Furthermore, the solution offered freed up time for Store Managers to focus much more on the day-to-day running of the store. The training gave staff a safe space where they could test their knowledge and learn new information without having to worry about making any costly mistakes. When it came to performing the tasks and knowledge that they had learned on the shop floor, the staff were able to work with much more confidence in their ability to perform their role. Overall our solution has helped David’s Kitchen and their staff operate more efficiently, confidently and they are now able to track their compliance.  

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