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Acting Up

We enabled Acting Up to reach a wider audience with creative and powerful short films that were part of effective courses that drilled the message into the heart of every user.

Acting Up produces hard-hitting and creative short films for corporate training. They tell stories that inspire people to develop an emotional connection with their own safety, health and environmental workplace behaviour.



The Challenge

How can you turn powerful training for small to medium-sized groups into training for thousands without diluting the message or losing its power? How can you ensure that people get the right message, retain it, and integrate it into their daily lives? How do you make it possible for companies to monitor the training and measure the results when it’s based on creating an emotional connection through a creative medium? These were the questions that Acting Up were wrestling with when they came to Bolt.

 Case study


Bolt's Solution

We delivered a series of thought-provoking, high-impact eLearning modules for several courses. Each module was based on the message and themes foundational to each short film. Our innovative, absorbing and efficacious training enabled Acting Up to communicate their message on a large scale without compromising its integrity.

Our commitment to implementing progressive educational methodology, combined with the unique capacities of our Learning Management Software meant that we were able to ensure Acting Up’s message was not only heard and understood clearly, but that it impacted the way that participants lived their lives.

Finally, our LMS allowed Acting Up’s clients to monitor, measure and track the learning of their employees.



Business Results

Our involvement has opened up a myriad of possibilities for Acting Up. Bolt’s adaptation of their excellent films and pieces of theatre, into electrifying online training, has allowed Acting Up to pursue opportunities and seek audiences that would otherwise be out of their reach.