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 The Challenge

Weetabix employ around 1,800 staff members internationally, with the majority based within the UK, undertaking a range of roles including marketing, sales, manufacturing, finance, IT, HR, strategy and export.

Like most food manufacturing businesses, Weetabix have 100s of policy documents and standard operating procedures (SOPs) which factory employees must read and sign, meaning thousands of pieces of paper were being printed and circulated and then recollected and logged. A time-consuming process with considerable environmental impact. Not only that, but despite having a signature that an employee had read the document, there was no proof that they actually understood the procedures. Weetabix wanted to go one step further to ensure that their employees definitely had the knowledge they needed to create a safe and efficient work environment.

With two new policy documents ready and waiting for distribution to the majority of their staff, Weetabix decided there must be a better, more efficient and effective way!

A digital paperless solution

The obvious answer was to make the process digital. The first step was to stop the time-consuming process of printing and distribution of 1000’s of paper copies of the policy documents. Instead, Weetabix can now distribute the policy documents via Weeta-Learn (their internal digital Learning platform) meaning employees can access and read the document online. This gave Weetabix proof that each employee had opened the document, but they still wanted to go one step further and ensure that employees had actually read and understood the policies and procedures.

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Bolt Learning developed short, impactful ‘knowledge-checkers’ – a 3-minute online assessment for two different policy documents which included a series of activities to assess their knowledge and understanding of the document they’d read. The digital ‘knowledge-checker’ was assigned to each relevant employee once they had opened the associated document. It acted to encourage employees to actually read and check they understand the document. If employees didn’t reach the required pass marks, they had to go back and read the document again!

The digital distribution process of these policy documents, via Weeta-Learn, had clear time, cost and environmental benefits. By introducing a simple ‘knowledge-checker’, Weetabix have gone ‘above and beyond’ to ensure that each employee has read and really understood each relevant document, further protecting their employees, their customers and their brand.

Learn more about our digital documents and electronic signature tool and discover how it can suit the needs of your business here.