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McColls Retail Group are the second largest multiple convenience operator in the UK comprising of approximately 1600 stores.



McColl's Retail Group operate in 1600 stores including over 1,200 convenience stores, over 550 post offices and 15 Subway units offering freshly made products daily. As an organisation they pride themselves on being at the forefront of neighbourhood retailing offering a wide range of products and services. McColl's are continually working to improve the customer offer across their store portfolio, particularly in terms of fresh and chilled produce. 


The Challenge

2018 is due to be a big year for McColl's, they've announced a new partnership with Morrison's which will see the relaunch of the much loved and trusted Safeway brand in 2018. Their continued success depends entirely on the dedication of the store colleagues and management teams. With over 22,000 colleagues all across the country, McColl's were looking for a training solution that could be created and implemented quickly, was accessible and most importantly, was something that their colleagues could enjoy and get excited about. 

As well as ensuring their colleagues had a firm understanding of the company values, McColl's approached Bolt Learning to help with managing compliance in their stores. They needed a solution that could improve compliance levels across the company as well as have a way of measuring, tracking and monitoring compliance levels company wide. 



Bolt's Solution

We created eLearning modules focused on key areas of compliance that they could use to train over 22,000 colleagues in 1600 stores. The modules were designed with Bolt Learning's extensive collective retail experience utilising cutting edge technology coupled with modern educational theory. The modules themselves contain realistic scenarios that McColl's colleagues can engage with, without the risk associated with a real life situation. By incorporating captivating stories in tandem with engaging graphics we can inspire behavioural change that will improve compliance and drive productivity.

Our extensive reporting capabilities and unique compliance management system allowed store managers and those higher up in the hierarchical structure to track compliance from a birds-eye-view. This is extremely important in an environment where store colleagues have to be aware of items which are age restricted such as lottery tickets, energy drinks, alcohol, tobacco products and many many more. Failure to comply with laws and regulations around the sale of these items can result in heavy fines or even store closures. By being able to see which stores are compliant and who has undertaken the training, McColl's has a system in place that they can point to were any issues to arise - and all of this is simply accessible through a single platform, our LMS.



Business Results

McColl's have now been able to track and monitor the compliance levels across the entire company, meaning they can continue to grow with peace of mind, knowing that their colleagues have the knowledge they need to operate safely and effectively whilst complying with industry laws and regulations.  

Furthermore, they continue to lead the way in the convenience retailing sector and have benefited from the eLearning provided by Bolt so much that they are looking to move on to the next stage of employee development. Bolt will be creating modules that will be focussed on personal development skills for their colleagues. 

The modules have been rated extremely highly by both McColl's store and head office colleagues alike.  Not only have they benefited from the content of the training, but they have enjoyed the ultimate flexibility provided by the eLearning experience.  This has enabled the Store managers to focus all their time on the effective and safe running of their stores. 


“Providing excellent customer service is at the core of McColls offer, in order to deliver this promise, we need to have outstanding colleagues. Working with Bolt has allowed us to provide even more quality training to raise the knowledge, capability and engagement levels of our colleagues even further and give us detailed analytics to identify any opportunities to grow” - Karyn Psyl-Thomson, Talent & Capability Manager



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