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A digital training solution to ensure effective Compliance Management in food manufacturing



With a top of the range salad factory, Kanes Foods are committed to investing in advanced technologies to achieve growth through innovation and expansion. Their people are at the forefront of what they do, with everyone working at Kanes Foods committed to developing healthy meal solutions that give shoppers greater choice without compromising on taste or quality. They have five factories at their eco-site with over 1,800 staff working in a wide range of positions from food production to food hygiene.


The Challenge

Kanes Foods success’ is dependent on a strong, able and confident workforce that is committed to safe practice and developing a healthy solution to convenience eating. As such they turned to Bolt to aid them in their staff training, staff retention as well as making Kanes Foods an employer of choice.

In Food Production, it is vitally important that health and safety as well as food hygiene are strictly adhered to. Struggling with over 20 trainers for 1,800 members of staff as well as their induction and onboarding process, they needed an elearning solution for their traditional training and recruitment process which would improve quality and efficiency. Furthermore with such a large workforce it was important that they had the tools necessarily to aid them in retaining that workforce. Research has shown that providing staff with engaging training tools can increase the satisfaction that they take from their work. Kanes wanted a solution that would allow their staff to have ownership of their development, that would allow them to track their own achievements as well as skills and knowledge learned. 

In such a practical environment it was important that any training would incorporate role playing as well as other methods of interaction. In essence they would require a blended learning approach that would reinforce their online learning with their work on the operational floor. 

The risks associated with food production on this scale are that any slips in adherence to food hygiene as well as food safety be very damaging to the company. They needed a system that would be able to offer compliance training as well as compliance tracking to ensure that their employees had the required knowledge to do their jobs safely and correctly. It would also need to be something which Kanes Foods could point to in response to any questions raised by regulatory bodies.  



Bolt's Solution

We provided Kane's Foods with elearning modules in core areas ranging from Food Safety to Factory Safety. All in all a total of 13 modules to help them train new and existing staff so that they are properly prepared for life in food production. As it stands Kane's Foods have been able to use these online training modules to create a culture where everyone takes responsibility for food hygiene as well as health and safety on the operational floor; ensuring that everyone is taking the necessary precautions when it comes to food preparation. All of the modules are easily distributed through the LMS we provide.

Customer trust and reputation is everything in food production, any lapses could result in Kanes Foods losing that trust as well as damaging their reputation in the market. In more serious incidents it could also lead to the closure of the site. As such we've helped Kanes Food make sure that they aren't taking any chances when it comes to how compliant their factories are with regard to food hygiene and food health and safety. Our system allows Kanes Foods to track compliance levels across every part of their organisation; we can set up renewal dates, as well as reminders when compliance standards are about to lapse. This is a vitally important part of our solution in making sure that they're adhering to the correct food hygiene and safety standards.

 Business Results

Kane's Foods continues to grow and expand in the convenience eating sector utilising their high end facilities as well as getting the best out of their staff. Thanks to Bolt Learning this has become much more easily achievable, they can now easily track the development of their employees through our extensive reporting capabilities. Our online system means that they are now not so reliant on trainers to deliver large amounts of information at the once; staff can now access their training at a place and time convenient for them. Furthermore, the training doesn't take days and days to complete - it is delivered in bite-size chunks that trainees can digest much more easily. Over 1,000 employees completed the necessary training within the first 6 months, more than had ever done it previously!

Our compliance system has also meant that Kanes Foods now have a system that they can show any regulatory authorities if any issues were to arise. By offering compliance training and tracking we have ensured that Kanes Foods can safeguard themselves by being able to show that staff have undertaken the necessary training and that they do have an understanding of the industry regulations. 


"We now have a modern and new approach towards training that is easy to follow and manage" - Alexandra Rychlik, Training Co-ordinator at Kanes Foods



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