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Stafffinders asked Bolt Learning to create an action-based training module which introduced complex, specialised search methods to be used by their recruitment consultants. Here’s how we did it...



The Challenge

Stafffinders are renowned for finding quality candidates for niche roles, which can be notoriously difficult to fill. However, finding meaningful candidates can often be likened to searching for a needle in a haystack.

Stafffinders employees are encouraged to use ‘Boolean’ search methods to find candidates who are the perfect fit for specific employment opportunities. Boolean search uses specific keyboard commands and characters in order to return precise results from search engines. The techniques used for Boolean Search are complex and can be difficult for new employees to learn. Stafffinders needed a training method that would be engaging, while being quick and easy to use in their day-to-day tasks.


Title page for the Stafffinders Boolean Search Training module


Bolt's Solution

Traditionally, methodology training has a reputation for being a little dull. We were keen to dispel this notion, and set out a plan to deliver an online learning module which presented the complex information in a retention-friendly way.

The steps for using the Boolean search method were presented in manageable chunks, with tests after each section. The key to understanding in this scenario was content. By showing how the Boolean formula worked in ‘real-time’ search engine results, the benefits of using the process were immediately apparent to the learner. This also provided a foundation for learners to go off and create their own search strings, allowing each employee to accurately pinpoint the best candidates.


Stafffinders Boolean Search Training module


Business Results

Our online training provided Stafffinders’ employees with a tool that would enable them to whittle down search results so that only the most relevant candidate results were returned.

Stafffinders’ new training module provided them with:

  • An efficient team which could fill niche roles quickly
  • A significant increase in revenue due to highly-skilled staff
  • A satisfied client base who were impressed that Stafffinders had sourced candidates which were typically hard to find.

Niche roles generate a great deal of business for recruitment companies; by up-skilling their staff to become proficient in specialist search practices, Stafffinders generates a significant amount of revenue by successfully filling these positions.

Their newly trained employees provided Stafffinders with a competitive edge over other recruitment companies – something which has caused the business to thrive in its fast-paced industry. Stafffinders’ clients were thrilled that the recruitment consultants had found candidates for niche roles, which resulted in repeat business.

Internally, our training also improved confidence and satisfaction within the team, as each member of staff was now well-equipped to function with precision and increased efficiency within their role. Plus, their employees enjoyed learning something which initially looked difficult to understand, and gained a great sense of achievement through becoming experts in the Boolean search method. The training was deployed through our easy-to-use, modern LMS.


Our clients know that the Stafffinders team are experts in sourcing outstanding candidates for specialised, niche roles. Our expertise in this area comes from our team’s ability to utilise Boolean Search, a complex method which can be difficult to understand and learn.
Bolt's training provided us with an engaging interactive module which made the components of Boolean Search easy for our employees to interpret. Our consultants’ grasp of this specialised approach sets Stafffinders apart from competitors and allows us to efficiently pinpoint the best quality candidates for specific roles. 
- Jane Wylie-Roberts, Managing Director.

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