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The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) is is the voice of over 33,500 local shops in the UK.



By remaining plugged into key decision makers within Government and Parliament, ACS ensures that the local shops are heard at national, local and European level. One of ACS’ purposes is to provide convenience store owners with advice and support. Bolt is proud to be the official training partner of ACS.


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The Challenge

Local shops are positive and safe environments to work in, but sometimes there are instances of violence and abuse against people that work in stores. The 2018 ACS Crime Report has estimated that over 13,000 incidents of violence in store have taken place over the last year. Managing difficult store situations is not easy, and that is why ACS partnered with Bolt to develop a visual guide for convenience store owners and staff. ACS asked Bolt Learning to design a short video animation giving retailers tips on how to handle violence and other potentially dangerous situations in store.



Bolt’s Solution

With a swift turnaround, our team of learning designers and graphics created “Managing Violence and Abuse in Convenience Stores”, a video animation that aims at teaching retailers and their staff on the importance of safety in the workplace and how to react to violent and abusive behaviours. The video describes possible abusive and violent customer scenarios, specifically regarding the refusal to serve a customer and how to deal with shop thieves and robberies. Through the use of colourful, stylised characters that resemble staff and customers of a convenience store, the informative content is brought to life and easily catches the viewer’s attention.


Business Results

Visual contents such as video animations are an essential tool for training. A large body of research has demonstrated that visual cues help our brain to gain a better, faster and more durable understanding of topics. Images and videos can deliver complex information in a way that is simpler and ensures comprehension, and they are also more captivating and engaging than text.

Bolt Learning prides itself on the ability to create high impact learning content: exploiting the benefits of visual aids such as 3d animation to improve the understanding and retention of information is one of our key talents. The solution we designed for ACS will help retailers in the prevention of crime and theft in their stores.




"The Managing Violence and Abuse animation that we developed with Bolt is an important tool in helping retailers and their staff deal with confrontations in store. The top concern for convenience retailers is violence against staff, so having this video available alongside our guidance will help to mitigate the impact of incidents when they occur". - Chris Noice, Head of Communications & Research, ACS

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