Suresite launch new high-impact training for forecourts

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Aimed at forecourt and convenience store staff, Suresite's new eLearning training courses cover 'Competent Persons', 'Safety on the forecourt' and Age-related Sales, and provide a cost and time-effective way to train staff. They are designed to help retailers reach and maintain legal safety compliance for their business.

Available from £25, the new training courses bring ‘the real-world online’ by using real-life scenarios and graphics within the training. The courses use modern learning methodologies proven to increase retention and understanding.

Barry Mullins, sales manager, Suresite, said: "Our new courses bring together cutting-edge technology and modern educational theory to present content that engages, tests and involves learners.

"Real-life, practical examples of decisions and processes that staff experience at work will teach them new skills and knowledge that will help them successfully navigate such scenarios in real life. They offer time and cost-effective way for forecourt retailers to offer high-impact staff training. Our new learners will find themselves stretched and will come away with a real sense of achievement."

Tom Fender, a director at Bolt Learning, said: “Both Suresite and Bolt share a common approach to training - that prevention is far better than cure, and compliance training helps an organisation protect their employees, customers and reputation. 

"Our partnership will provide the highest quality training in the marketplace, which can be done at any time, on any device, in any location. The training will be available for new starters and for experienced retail individuals, who may need a timely refresher.”

Both courses can be completed on any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC) and at a time to suit the learner. Learners can download a personalised certificate upon successful completion.

Further courses are in the pipeline for release early in 2019, including selling tobacco products, manual handling, basic first aid and GDPR.

According to the ACS Local Shop report 2018, staff rate on-the-job training as the most valuable benefit.

Access the new Safety on the ForecourtCompetent Person, and Age-Related Sales courses from £25 at