Significant gap in training identified for UK Convenience staff

Knowledge is power. It turns an average staff member into an exceptional sales person. It avoids health and safety nightmares. It empowers staff to make positive, informed decisions, which leads to increased sales. But our latest research suggests a worrying gap in the training and knowledge of UK Convenience store staff.

Our latest survey into the current state of training in UK symbol convenience, found that nearly a third of retailers find training a significant challenge within their business. 1-in-5 retailers said that their full-time staff receive less than 10 hours training in a typical year, and 1-in-5 also carry out no induction training for new starters. Check out our free infographic below.

According to retailers, the main limiting factor is a lack of time, mostly for manager's, but also the new employees. Convenience stores are often lean, mean operations – who has extra time to carry out training or wade through long manuals when there are customers to serve, shelves to re-stock and stock taking to do?

eLearning gives staff the ability to train on their own devices, in their own time. It can be the difference between wading through a 500-page manual and a 15 minute, interactive, eLearning module. Only 11% of retailers currently embrace any form of online training, but the study showed that more than 1-in-2 retailers want to try it. 

Bolt is a digital training company, providing powerful and flexible eLearning within the retail sector.  If, like us, you think developing people should be a priority for the sector, then let us share our thoughts and capabilities with you - email


Knowledge is Power Inforgraphic

Source: 125 Symbol Retailers interviewed March 2017, *ACS Local Shop Report