Revive MS Support and Bolt Learning


Revive MS Support is a local charity, founded in 1984, that provides vital therapy, advice and support to people affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in order to enhance their well-being and empower them to live rich and productive lives. 



In 2012, Revive MS Support won a competition for a free website from MercuryTide. Since then, Revive MS has seen a dramatic increase in client numbers. This has directly resulted in the need to move in to larger premises, (as of September 2016), and seek more volunteers. Bolt have chosen to step in and are in the process of developing complimentary online induction training that will help them to train more volunteers in less time.


Our aim is to save Revive MS Support time spent on training currently, increase consistency of training, get volunteers up to speed and on the same page faster, and enable them to meet training standards that will allow them to recruit from a wider pool.


Please consider joining us in our support of Revive MS Support.


“Every time we meet with Tamlin and the team, we come away enthused about the possibilities our making of work easier and reach further, which will make the lives of those we care for even better. Thank you for encouraging us to dream, and then helping to make those dreams come true.” - Cara Thom, Fundraising and Communications Manager


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