Retailer Lifestyle Express expands online training for store staff


To provide its retailers with further essential retail support to drive up sales and better serve the needs of its customers, Lifestyle Express is expanding its learning academy, the Lifestyle Learning Academy, which was launched last June with Bolt Learning.


Lifestyle Express retailers will have access to three additional high impact online training modules designed by Bolt to help grow their business and maximise their sales staff. The first new module released will be ‘Staff Upselling’.

“In the current trading environment retailers need to be maximising every opportunity to stand out from the competition. A stronger, better trained team, who know how to actively ‘sell’ products will give retailers a competitive advantage” explains Katie Jenkins, Head of Customer Proposition, Bolt Learning.

“Upselling has previously made many retailers nervous but when it’s done right, by properly trained and confident staff it can not only drive basket size and spend but also has a positive impact on customer service. Proper training gives sales staff the knowledge and confidence to do this effectively.”


Lifestyle Express Learning Academy


Lifestyle Express rolled out the Lifestyle Learning Academy last summer and online training is available for all Lifestyle Express retailers free of charge.

The online learning platform, which is a bespoke offering created by Bolt Learning for Lifestyle Express, comes after research showed that one in five symbol retailers admitted that they do not carry out induction training for new starters, and one in three retailers considered training to be a significant challenge in their business.

“People are the greatest assets that our stores have,” said Stuart Johnson, Retail Controller, Landmark Wholesale. “The Lifestyle Learning Academy will allow all of our retailers and their staff to access a range of essential training modules which will enable them to help maintain compliance and grow sales.”

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