James Retail is one of the first companies to embrace the new technology, developed by Bolt Learning, to drive its ambition to ‘go paperless’.


The family-owned retail chain currently has more than 75 stores and 600 employees. Thanks to Bolt's electronic signature solution, James Retail's essential policy documents and standard operating procedures (SOPs) will be available to employees 24/7, accessible through the online platform. the staff will also be able to access and insert legally required signatures, thus making the process of collecting signatures from employees not only more efficient but more environmentally friendly.


“Bolt's Electronic Signature solution has provided us with unquestionable time-savings, as well as cost and environmental benefits. We’re one step closer to being a paperless HR department! Going paperless should be a KPI for any company in 2018.” - Sophie Cooke, Head of HR at James Retail


As most retail companies do, James Retail used to post the legally required documents to employees. This process involved posting the documents, collecting the signatures and finally filing a huge amount of paper in a safe place. This lengthy and often cumbersome operation is performed by every HR department: printing, circulating and managing thousands of paper sheets used to be the standard procedure. This procedure has started to seem outdated, and that is why James Retail asked Bolt for help.

We implemented our Electronic Signature tool and built a Policy Library for all the documents and SOPs. Our technology now allows James Retail to digitally distribute documents to the staff, and collect signatures if required - all through the same platform, without the need to file and organise hundreds of documents.


James Retail Electronic Paperless Document


Thanks to the Policy Library, an employee that wants to access a particular document will not need to ask managers or HR for a copy or a PDF version: every member of the staff can access documents relevant for them through the online platform. Obviously, this does not only makes the process much quicker, but also removes the threat for employees in case they do not feel comfortable asking to access a document.

The benefits offered by the paperless solution in terms of cost and time-savings are huge: the whole process now happens digitally, through a single,  modern LMS built by Bolt and that was already being used by James Retail for the training of their employees. In facts, the learning platform was launched last year and offers bite-size online eLearning modules to all James Retail's staff, including health & safety and how to improve sales in store. The paperless tool and the policy library represent the next step in James Retail digital journey, as well a big step in becoming a more environmentally efficient company.


We now have peace of mind that our staff can access important policies and procedures at a click of a button. We have given our staff the freedom and confidentiality to access procedures and policies without having to ask HR! It’s a win:win!” - Sophie Cooke


The James Retail Group is a leading, independently owned neighbourhood retailer operating 75 convenience and newsagent stores on high streets across Yorkshire and the Midlands.




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