Online training needs to fit learners ‘mobile’ lifestyle.


Whether you are sitting on the subway or bus, in the airport or just walking through a shopping centre, it is impossible not to notice how many people are engrossed in their electronic devices.


A 2015 Mail Online report found that the average person spends 8 hours and 41 minutes on electronic devices a day! So what are they doing? Maybe they are messaging their partner, scrolling through social media newsfeeds or working, but what if they were learning, developing new skills and gaining more knowledge?

If you’re stuck delivering desktop or face-to-face training, you are ignoring the needs and wants of your learners. Modern-day learners want the convenience and flexibility of mobile learning.


What is Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning refers to training that can be done on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. The learner could be on the bus or subway, waiting for an airplane or sitting on the couch at home whilst enjoying training that has been optimised for their device.


Why Mobile Learning?

Significant growth in ownership of electronic devices (including laptops, smartphones and tablets) has ushered in a new way of consuming training material and is changing the way people learn. Instead of taking a day off to partake in face-to-face or complete desktop based training, users demand training that fits in with their work and lifestyle.

Additionally, mobile learning should be accompanied with short ‘bite-sized’ modules that are focused on specific learning topics. This makes the training and information easier to digest for users who are on-the-go.

Using this approach to training gives learners flexibility in what they learn and when they learn. With traditional training learners are dictated to and training is planned for a specific time or day. Through mobile training the effectiveness of your training rapidly increases as learners are mentally and physically prepared to learn. For example, they don’t have to spend an hour going through a detailed course during face-to-face training; instead, they can opt for 15 minute sessions where they focus on a specific topic within the training.

Modern learners also want to use their own familiar devices. Instead of wasting hours trying to learn a new operating system, learners prefer to consume mobile learning via their personal smartphones or tablets. In response, you need to deliver online training via mobile-friendly browsers and applications that can be accessed across mobile operating systems.


Your learners’ behaviours are changing, but are you changing the way you deliver training?


Bolt Learning offers mobile training!

Bolt offers fully responsive, cloud-based training that allows users to access the training anytime, anywhere and on any device while completing the training at a pace which suits them.

With short, action-packed modules, Bolt makes training and learning that fits the lifestyle of modern day learners.


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