The Induction Training Revolution

Imagine receiving an offer for a job at Thingummy International, your dream employer. You feel great! Perhaps you celebrate by going out for drinks with friends or by opening that special bottle of Bordeaux you’ve been saving for a special occasion. After celebrating you realise that you’re eager to start and get to grips with your new role, your new colleagues and your new office.



You have to work your notice period at your current job, but that’s OK as it’s only a month. The only cloud on your horizon is the thought of going through induction training again, “Oh dear,” you say to yourself with a sigh, “I hate induction training.” Your elation is all but extinguished as you imagine the hours of being trapped in a room with 400+ pages of Power Point presentations about fire hazards, print toner and the CEO’s hobbies. “I just want to market Thingummies.”

Induction training doesn’t have to be this way. It can be interesting, engaging and all but finished by the time your new hires start their first day. “Preposterous!” I hear you say to yourself, “That’s simply not possible! That’s like saying that England can win the next World Cup.” Ah but it is possible (the stuff about induction training is; England’s next World Cup outing will inevitably end in bitter disappointment at the group stages or first round of 16)!

By now we all know that online training can make induction training interesting and engaging for the new hire, but a less well-known fact is that online training can revolutionise your induction process. Let’s find out how.


The induction revolution

1. Start before they begin

One of the numerous advantages of online training is that it allows you to complete modules anytime and anywhere on any device. This gives you the opportunity to assign modules to new hires as soon as they accept the new job offer. New hires are highly motivated and eager to learn about their new company and impress their new boss and colleagues, as we've already mentioned in a previous article on training during the recruitment process. Online induction training provides them with the opportunity to put this motivation to good use.


2. Induction their way

Another advantage of online training is that it is self-pacing, so your new head of Thingummy marketing can go through the modules as slowly as he likes over the weeks or months of his or her notice period.


3. Hit the ground running

Instead of waiting a few weeks before your new employee is able to add value to the company, they can get started in their role within the first week, saving the company both time and money.


4. All of the benefits of online training apply

As we’ve already detailed elsewhere, online training has many advantages such as saving you time and money.

When induction training is done in this way, the feelings of boredom and frustration that can quench the elation and motivation of a new employee post-induction are banished. They are replaced with even greater respect and admiration for a forward-thinking company that has managed to turn induction training into a positive experience.



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