How Flash’s Demise WON’T Affect Bolt Learning’s Training Modules


Moving away from Flash

By 2020 support for Adobe Flash Player will end, the popular player has been a large part of eLearning over the course of the past 20 years. Whilst it’s retirement will have significant consequences for many eLearning providers, we here at Bolt are happy to say that we are not dependent on Flash Player at all.

For those who aren’t familiar, the change raises several issues for those who create and distribute training online using SCORM files that utilise Flash. Flash has been the most popular output type among other eLearning providers for quite some time due to it’s ability to create animation, collect input and deal with user interaction, and as a result a lot of their materials have grown dependent upon support for the player. Flash also has the issue that it doesn’t work on certain devices – the most significant being Apple devices which account for quite a large proportion of mobile and computing devices used to access eLearning.



If your organisation is currently dependent upon Flash Player to access training materials then it is likely that your training provider will be switching to HTML 5, which is supported on all devices.  In some cases this might require your eLearning material to be re-published , and obviously re-testing to ensure it operates the same as it previously did.

This can be a long and cumbersome process, one which could affect you as a customer.

This process could become even longer and more disruptive if you consider that many of the authoring tools supported by Flash do not work with HTML 5. It may be the case that for eLearning companies making the switch from Flash to HTML 5 they will have to completely redesign their courses to work on the new output format. This could once again be a very long, costly and labour-intensive process.



If all of this sounds a bit stressful overwhelming then we here at Bolt Learning could have you covered. That’s because Bolt Learning has been using HTML 5 as our standard output format for years and as such our eLearning modules are not dependent on Flash Player, they have been built with HTML 5 in mind and as a result will not require any redesigning. Whereas, over the course of the next two years other eLearning companies will be doing their best to ensure that all of their training materials will work once Flash Player support ends in 2020, Bolt has been ahead of the curve for years.


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