A fresh start: Induction training in Convenience stores

Studies show that induction training directly affects employee attrition rate and around 25% of new employees decide to stay with, or quit, a job in their first week. With 100,000 new staff starting within the Convenience industry each year, and 1-in-5 retailers not offering induction training, it might be time to shake up the induction process.

Our latest infographic looks at the current state of induction training within UK Convenience. How do you compare?

Many Convenience retailers see that there would be clear benefits to improving their induction training, but say that time is the main limiting factor. One way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of induction training is by embracing a blended approach of eLearning and face-to-face training, and that is exactly what some of the leading symbol groups are now doing. 



5 reasons to embrace eLearning:


1. Start before they begin

Online training gives you the opportunity to assign modules to new hires as soon as they accept the new job offer; they can arrive on their first day with basic knowledge about the business, their role and responsibilities. 


2. Induction their way

Online training is self-pacing, so a new employee can go through the modules at their own speed, at a time convenient to them, and you. If a manager or trainer isn’t needed face-to-face, then you don’t need to have two people off the ‘shop floor’ at once.


3. A simple ‘online filing cabinet’

Adding eLearning to your training offer gives you a convenient 'online filing cabinet' to keep track of your employees' training records, their strengths and weaknesses and critical information for compliance, KPI's and employee reviews.


4. Encourage continual improvement

Make it easy for your staff to be the best they can be. An online induction module is more enjoyable and effective than wading through a 500-page manual or 200-slide PowerPoint presentation. Encouraging an ethos of self-improvement and giving staff easy access to additional eLearning modules can lead to a more motivated and highly skilled team.


5. All of the benefits of online training apply

As we’ve already detailed elsewhere, online training has many advantages such as saving you time and money, it also offers consistent quality of training and doesn't depend on the skill of the individual trainer.

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Induction Training in Convenience stores Infographic