Want to drive efficiency? Stop wasting your managers' time!


Employee training is often a critical part of improving overall efficiency within an organisation, but one leading FMCG supplier found that some of their training was actually taking up unnecessary time, and money.

By carefully assessing and re-designing their existing training solution (seven days face-to-face and half a day online), we were able to create engaging, bite-sized digital training modules which take just 2-3 hours to complete. A time-saving of 50 hours for each of their managers!

Across the company this new training solution is saving a phenomenal 600,000 hours of manager’s time - just imagine what they can achieve with that extra time!




How can over 50 hours of training be reduced down to just 2.5 hours? A good question. Face-to-face training is obviously critical within any manager's ongoing development, but smaller, bite-size modules, which focus on active learning, have been shown to improve learner’s comprehension, retention and provide superior learner engagement. Ultimately, this more efficient training is also likely to be more effective. Our reporting suite gives visibility of how individuals perform during the training, even down to individual questions, in order to track the effectiveness of the training.  

"Efficiency is doing the right thing. Effectiveness is doing things right.”

The training has enabled our client to take a giant leap towards a culture of continual learning, which is more efficient AND effective, and ultimately makes them a whole lot more competitive.

"This is a remarkable achievement and a clear milestone on the way of continuous improvement. I thank you very much for your dedication and passion to make a wish come true.”


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