Breakfast with BOLT Learning


BOLT Learning's business breakfast - Glasgow, generated an interesting discussion about investing in company workforces. 



Held at the award-winning Brian Maule at Chardon d'Or, BOLT Learning brought together a range of business executives in order to provide a fresh persepective on the importance of supporting employee training. Guests at BOLT's breakfast event were treated to inspiring presentations from our CEO, Tamlin Roberts and our Chairman, Mike Greene. 

As seasoned business owners, both Tamlin and Mike have experienced first hand the effect that skilled, confident staff can have on productivity and profit. Using their own knowledge and backgrounds, BOLT's presentation communicated that staff training should receive the same amount of consideration and importance as a business's product or location. 

Throughout their presentations, Mike and Tamlin highlighted the reasons for this by demonstrating the impact that skilled, motivated staff can have on businesses. Drawing on his accomplished retail career, Mike shared his experiences of the ways in which training affects profits, and described the direct correlation between confident, knowledgable employees and the retention of customers and sales levels. 

Summing up the impact of a skilled workforce, Mike says,


One great person is equal to three good people in terms of output, ability, trust and loyalty. And, one good person is equal to three average people. How many average people are you employing?"


We're sure that everyone at the event is in agreement that 'great people' are fundamental to the success of a business, and we hope that we provided some insight into how this can be achieved with effective online training.

To hear more from Mike about the importance of investing in people, head over to his article which dicusses this in more detail. 



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