Benefits of a Cloud Based LMS

It should come as no surprise that we at Bolt are advocates of a Cloud Based LMS – after all, it’s what we use to host our LMS. What is a Cloud Based LMS? Well, traditionally when companies or organisations wanted to issue learning or training an LMS would have been installed onto the organisations' servers. However, with the Cloud, the LMS is situated on a remote server and maintained by us, an eLearning company, and we can then provide it to customers anytime and anywhere through an internet browser.

Below we’ll go into much more detail about the advantages of using a Cloud Based LMS over traditional methods of LMS hosting. 

 Cloud Based LMS is flexible and adaptable

Using a Cloud Based LMS allows us to be flexible and adaptable regarding how many users are added and how we maintain our user base. With traditional hosting methods, you would have had to predict as best you could what your online training and eLearning needs were as a business and pay a one-time fee based on those estimates. With a Cloud Based LMS, we only ever pay for as much server space as we need, whether that be more or less. This subscription-based model allows us to be much more flexible in how we provide eLearning to our customers; they pay only for what they need, we can then adjust and adapt to a customer’s wants and needs with ease and speed. Adding users has never been easier and distributing training has never been simpler thanks to our Cloud Based LMS. 

Cloud Based LMS is ready when you are

This is our favourite benefit of using the Cloud to host our LMS. Because there is no time spent on building software, you could subscribe to our LMS on a Wednesday and by the Thursday your learners could already be working their way through some of our eLearning base modules. With a Cloud Based LMS, it is as simple as uploading course content and then distributing it to your trainee base; building eLearning modules and content takes time but if the online training material is ready to go then having a Cloud Based LMS means you can issue it straight away. 

Cloud Based LMS saves money

While making savings doesn’t always equate to innovation, the Cloud is an innovative and cost-effective solution.  This is because eLearning modules, content and the LMS are all stored in the cloud – as a result, there’s no need to purchase any hardware or software. As a customer, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your own in-house server, there are no fees for installation and you don’t have to worry about having IT staff manage an on-site LMS. All these savings in money and manpower mean that we, as an LMS and eLearning provider, can focus our money and efforts on further innovations, like facial recognition and virtual reality

CLoud Based LMS stores your information securely

As all information is stored in the cloud, as an organization you don’t have to worry about how much storage space the information will take up or worry about backing up the data. As a result, you don’t have to worry about managing security for your information, it’s stored safely and securely in a remote server.  

Cloud Based LMS can be updated immediately and easily

With traditional hosting methods like installed software, updates can be a time-consuming annoyance that has to be downloaded and installed. Usually, the software providers would bundle these updates into occasional releases – where you have to download and activate updates before you can continue using the software. A Cloud Based LMS can be updated continually without any interruptions to your trainees, and you can experience the benefits of the updates straight away - all the IT support is provided by your LMS provider.

Want to know more about the benefits of a Cloud Based LMS? Interested in having an instantly accessible and innovative eLearning solution to your training needs? Contact us today to find out more!