90% of symbol retailers have not tried eLearning... but most want to


90% of symbol retailers have not tried eLearning, but most want to, according to Bolt. We have just interviewed retailers from all major symbol groups to understand how they induct, train and engage staff in their stores.



Some frightening facts emerged from the study, including the fact that 22% of the 100,000 people who join the convenience sector each year receive no induction training at all.

But retailers are very keen to trial eLearning.  They haven’t got the time to train all the staff themselves… and, 60% say they would be interested to receive eLearning training from suppliers.  Tom Fender, Director of Bolt, says "it’s an ideal opportunity for retailers and suppliers to collaborate to train their staff".  The world is moving so fast that all staff, not just new starters, may struggle to keep up to date with new products, latest trends, and impending legislation.  The fact that so few symbol retailers have tried eLearning creates a massive communication opportunity for suppliers – to improve better engagement with ALL the staff working in the 17,000 UK symbol stores.


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