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  1. News article image Learning Technologies 2016

    Bolt's Head of Learning, Luke Merrick shares his thoughts after visiting Learning Technologies 2016.

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  2. News article image Bolt's New Website

    The team at Bolt are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new website!!

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  3. News article image Online training needs to fit learners ‘mobile’ lifestyle.

    The average person spends over 8 hours on electronic devices a day. How can this be utilised for online training?

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  4. News article image Understanding Gamification

    Gamification is a buzzword that has been bouncing around the world of e-learning for a little while now, but does it have any merit?

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  5. News article image Leadership Training: Just For Management?

    A common misconception is that leadership training is only for managers. However, rethinking this idea will have a positive and far-reaching impact across your organisation.

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  6. News article image Retail and Online Training in 2015

    In the midst of the current difficulties facing the retail industry, what will be the key factors separating the suppliers and retailers that flourish from those that perish? In this article we look at what a recent report has to say and take inspiration from the world of racing in order answer this question.

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  7. News article image The Induction Training Revolution

    Induction training almost always involves a preposterous amount of information that a new employee is somehow supposed to have learned within the first few weeks, but is there a better way of doing it? In this article we see how Thingummies and England’s doomed World Cup efforts can help us answer this question.

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  8. News article image How to Heal e-Learning Heartbreak

    Have you had your heart broken by e-learning? In this article we look at some of the heart-breakers of the e-learning world and what you can do to heal the hurts and boredom they’ve caused.

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