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  1. News article image How we Developed VR for Mobile

    How do you develop VR for mobile? This is a question that we had to answer for ourselves when creating our VR demo. In this blog post Paul Wallace, our resident VR expert, walks us through how we did it and what we learned on the way.

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  2. News article image Virtual Reality in eLearning Demo

    We’ve been hard at work over the last little while putting together our first Virtual Reality demo and we’re thrilled to announce that it’s ready!

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  3. News article image Bolt and the Learning Technologies Awards

    We have some exciting news!

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  4. News article image Revive MS Support and Bolt Learning

    Find out about Bolt's partnership with Revive MS Support, a Glasgow-based charity that provides vital therapy, advice and support to people affected by Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in order to enhance their well-being and empower them to live rich and productive lives.

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  5. News article image VR Uses and Misconceptions

    How can VR be used in eLearning in a sustainable, practical way? In this blog post Luke answers this question and counters common misconceptions.

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  6. News article image Optimise your learning

    How can you optimise your own learning? In this article Niall explains how encoding, mindset and cognition can help you to supercharge your personal development.

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  7. News article image Why you need to incorporate micro learning in your eLearning strategy.

    Micro learning refers to small, action-packed modules that cover one or two specific topics. In this post we look at three reasons why we use micro learning techniques and why it should be in your eLearning strategy.

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  8. News article image Why the 70:20:10 approach matters

    What is 70:20:10 and why does it matter? In this blog post Luke looks at how misheard song lyrics and mashed potatoes can help us to answer this question.

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