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  1. News article image On Friday Amazon bought Whole Foods for $13.7bn

    Here are 10 thoughts following Friday’s news that Amazon bought Whole Foods for $13.7bn

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  2. News article image Effective change management in a post Co-op-Nisa world

    Change is afoot in UK Retail, with Tesco trying to buy Booker, Co-op trying to buy Nisa, Amazon buying Wholefoods and further consolidation looking inevitable. How can an industry prepare staff to survive and thrive during these changes? Effective communication is the key to successful change management.

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  3. News article image What is a Learning Management System (LMS) and what can it do for me?

    A Learning Management System (LMS) is an application primarily used for the administration of learning and eLearning. It allows anyone to create, track, manage and distribute learning materials of any kind, anywhere, on any device. A LMS has many benefits, not least as an integral and strategic tool to help organisations grow their people and business performance.

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  4. News article image 5 things retailers want from suppliers

    FMCG manufacturers are finding new, more effective ways to engage with independent operators. They're looking for ways to better educate their supplier sales force, and talk to the retailers, food service operators and sales staff directly. They're taking things online.

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  5. News article image A fresh start: Induction training in Convenience stores

    Nearly a third of symbol retailers tell us that finding and retaining good staff is a challenge for their business, yet 1-in-5 do not offer induction training. Take a look at our infographic showing the current state of induction training, and why we think eLearning can revolutionise things.

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  6. News article image Significant gap in training identified for UK Convenience staff

    A worrying gap in the training, and knowledge, of UK Convenience store staff has been identified. 1-in-5 retailers offer less than 10 hours training to store staff due to a lack of time. Online training and eLearning could just be the answer. Check out our free infographic.

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  7. News article image 90% of symbol retailers have not tried eLearning... but most want to

    90% of symbol retailers have not tried eLearning, but most want to, according to Bolt which has just interviewed retailers from all major symbol groups to understand how they induct, train and engage staff in their stores.

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  8. News article image The Line Manager Effect - Transfer of learning and eLearning to the workplace

    Learning has never been more talked about or more exciting! There are reports and articles aplenty examining the benefits of fantastic learning models and their application, speed to competency tactics and advances in technology - but the silence around the transfer of learning in performance, and the role of line managers as enablers, is deafening.

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