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  1. News article image Demystifying GDPR - A Check List for Convenience Retailers

    Katie Jenkins, Head of Customer Proposition at Bolt Learning, highlights the key areas a convenience retailer will need to consider for changes to GDPR on May the 25th 2018.

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  2. News article image 6 Ways Online Training Benefits Convenience Retailers

    Two thirds of convenience retailers see training retail staff as a major challenge. Here's 6 reasons online training can save you time, and money and drive sales growth in store.

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  3. News article image Reduce Workplace Accidents with Effective Online Training

    Reduce workplace accidents with our LMS and eLearning modules, which have multiple functions that can aid in the creation of a positive health and safety culture, changing mindset and behaviour.

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  4. News article image How Flash’s Demise WON’T Affect Bolt Learning’s Training Modules

    By 2020 support for Adobe Flash Player will end, while this could be a problem for other eLearning Providers, At Bolt our eLearning solutions are already one step ahead of the competition.

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  5. News article image Why you should start implementing Mobile Learning in 2018

    Mobile technologies have opened doors to Mobile Learning, or mLearning, that have previously not been possible. Read on to find out more about how Mobile Learning can benefit your organisation in 2018.

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  6. News article image Sewell on the go join forces with Bolt Learning

    The multi-award winning Sewell on the go is the newest of a growing list of retailers working with Bolt Learning to provide them with eLearning modules.

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  7. News article image Bolt Learning teaming up with Mercurytide to offer GDPR solution

    Many companies are scrambling to get ready for EU GDPR in May 2018. Bolt Learning and Mercurytide have partnered up to offer a solution.

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  8. News article image McColl's partners with Bolt Learning for new training initiative to 22,000 employees

    McColl's have shown their desire to invest in employee training and development by partnering with Bolt Learning to launch their new training initiative for 22,000 of their employees.

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