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  1. News article image Digital Learning: a tool for Sales Enablement

    How can you support the member of your sales team in a world where the knowledge they need is constantly evolving, and without wasting too much of their time?

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  2. News article image JJ Foodservice chooses Bolt to invest in eLearning for the next generation

    Bolt has been chosen as training provider by national wholesale chain JJ Foodservice. Read more about our work with JJ and the modules we developed for them in this article.

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  3. News article image Mother tongue increases employee training effectiveness

    Employee training enhances motivation, reduces turnover and increases productivity. But how does the language in which the training is offered impact the effectiveness of the training itself? In this article, we provide an overview of studies that show why it is essential to make your training available in all of your employees' mother tongues.

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  4. News article image Retail chain embraces new technology in a bid for Paperless HR

    James Retail has chosen Bolt's Electronic Signature feature to support its ambition to build a paperless HR department. No more posting hundreds of documents and collecting thousands of signatures: paperless solutions are the future.

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  5. News article image How interactive videos can boost learning retention

    In a world where learning is increasingly achieved through active participation, we look at how interactive videos can represent the ultimate tool to increase engagement and knowledge retention in learners and how they can revolutionise the process of training development.

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  6. News article image How to motivate your multilingual staff with a global training solution

    Companies are increasingly willing to hire international, multilingual employees to support their expansion. Training this diverse workforce in an effective way is the key to boost productivity and motivation.

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  7. News article image 7 reasons why companies need to go paperless

    Paperless offices are the future. But why exactly should a company aim at becoming paper-free? In this article, we explore 7 good reasons why any business that wants to improve efficiency and productivity should develop a digital solution to replace paper documents.

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  8. News article image Today’s Group offers training in multiple languages

    Wholesaler, Today's Group, expands it's members' training initiative into multiple languages to better suit their diverse workforce.

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