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  1. News article image The importance of investing in people

    As Chairman of BOLT Learning – a company which empowers employees through great online learning - I am constantly aware of customer service, training and company's views on investing in people.

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  2. News article image Connecting trainees, context and meaning with storytelling

    BOLT Learning didn’t have a magic lamp, a genie in a bottle or even three magic wishes. What we do have is the ability transform training and create employees that were confident, knowledgeable and efficient.

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  3. News article image The VARK guide to learning styles

    What is VARK? Why is it important to know your learning preference? All learners have different methods on how we learn and retain information. Rightly or wrongly we tend to stick to the same tried and tested method.

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  4. News article image All around the world learning

    For global companies, replicating the same training throughout every location can seem near impossible. Ensuring content is localised, is contextually relevant and culturally correct seems like a mountainous challenge. However, learning experts hold the key to international success

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  5. News article image How to deal with 'Information Overload' when training.

    In today’s information rich world, you’d think that improving skills and learning would be a breeze. But this isn’t necessarily the case.

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  6. News article image The key to company success is in your pocket; and all of your employee’s pockets too

    Picture the scene, an employee is recruited and joins the business pretty close to the bottom rung of the company’s career ladder. Yet, a year and a half later they have secured a job within management. How?

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  7. News article image The Future is Mobile

    Mobile technology has revolutionised the way we search for information, the way we make decisions and now, it’s shaping the way that we learn.

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  8. News article image 5 Best Practices for Knowledge Retention

    The majority of the challenges we face – whether these are at work or within education – are based around gaps in skills, knowledge retention and training. But how do we store, interpret and use information?

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