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  1. News article image 5 Reasons why your employees need better training

    Research reveals that both employees and consumers want businesses to provide their staff with better training.

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  2. News article image What is a learning culture?

    A team of ‘great’ employees with an effective learning culture will become self-directed learners, using their own initiative to acquire new skills and the business will soon reap the rewards.

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  3. News article image Maximise learning by starting during the recruitment process

    90% of businesses believe that their employees make the decision to stay at a company long-term within the first six months of employment, which shows that first impressions really do count.

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  4. News article image Driving business growth through learning

    Our pace of life is becoming faster, turnaround times are shorter, your customer’s expectations are higher – can you keep up?

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  5. News article image 3 surprising training stats from the retail industry

    A recent survey was conducted on a sample of around 2,000 retail store staff, and the majority felt that their induction and ongoing training was not up to scratch.

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  6. News article image Is a picture worth a thousand words?

    The last few years have seen infographics become an internet phenomenon. Using images in learning content is nothing new, yet data-centric infographics became the latest must-have graphical tool for every business.

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  7. News article image BOLT presents at HIM! CTP Awards

    Our CEO, Tamlin Roberts, was asked to present the 'Best convenience retailer for staff training and development' award at HIM!'s CTP Awards in London.

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  8. News article image Breakfast with BOLT Learning

    BOLT Learning's business breakfast Glasgow, generated an interesting discussion about investing in company workforces.

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