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  1. News article image How to Make e-Learning Interesting

    We all want e-Learning to be interesting and effective, but there are so many ways of doing this that it can be hard to decide how to proceed. In this article we look at how tomato sauce can help you to produce genuinely interesting courses time and time again.

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  2. News article image Training Techniques: Facilitation

    There's a lot more to implementing quality training than simply producing good content. If you follow our advice about facilitation then you and your trainees will benefit.

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  3. News article image Implementing a Learning Culture – Part 3

    Part 3 in the series is all about ensuring that your employees get the maximum benefits from the training you provide.

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  4. News article image Implementing a Learning Culture – Part 2

    There’s a lot to consider when putting a learning culture in place within your business. However, if you follow our advice, creating a structured and manageable plan will seem a lot more achievable.

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  5. News article image Implementing a Learning Culture – Part 1

    Implementing a learning culture can seem like a mammoth task, but if you follow our process and advice it should become a lot easier…

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  6. News article image How to develop a learning culture

    Today's employees value a workplace that offers scope for future development and career progression. Providing this begins with creating a successful learning culture.

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  7. News article image Simon Cowell, being empathetic?

    He’s usually known as TV’s ‘Mr. Nasty’, but recently Simon Cowell has been uncharacteristically caring and empathetic – could this be a subconscious change as a result of becoming a father?

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  8. News article image Retailers: improve customer retention with employee training

    Recent research shows that online shopping isn’t the only factor to blame for dwindling customer footfall in retail stores.

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