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  1. News article image Cloud-Based Training: Bigger, Better, Cheaper

    Cloud computing has really taken off in the last few years and helps to make life easier for many companies both small and large, but does it hold any benefits for online training? In this article we explore how turtle education and Netflix can - or can't - help us answer this question.

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  2. News article image 5 Tips for Tangible Training

    Training should have a real and measurable impact in the real world, but what can you do to make sure that this is consistently the case? In this post we explore how home makeovers, Powerpoint funerals and Hannibal Lecter can help you produce tangible online training every time.

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  3. News article image Classroom Training vs e-Learning

    It's about time that the two heavyweights of the training world finally traded blows...or is it? We look at rumbles, scuffles, slap-fests and kerfuffles in order to explore how e-learning can complement and help classroom training.

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  4. News article image Effective Training and Potential

    We all want to fulfil our potential and we all want our staff to fulfil theirs. So how do we do this? Is it just a case of hoping that an individual stumbles into this sort of success or is there a better way? In this video article we learn how teeth-gritting and old school tricks can spur us on to greatness.

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  5. News article image What Should Modern Training Look Like?

    What should training look like in 2015? Should it look the same as 20 years ago? In this video we use locked rooms and funerals to explore what modern training should - and shouldn't - look like.

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  6. News article image Why e-Learning Shouldn't Be Easy

    There are lots of criteria that training should meet in order to be effective, but should being 'easy' or 'effortless' be one of them? In this article we talk about how Hocus Pocus Learning, lightning and baby otters can guide us in our never-ending quest to produce quality courses.

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  7. News article image Training Techniques: Pacing

    What is pacing, how can it affect training and why is it so important? In this video we explore the pertinence of proper pacing in e-learning.

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  8. News article image Training Techniques: Understanding Learning Styles

    Understanding different learning styles is vital to quality learning, so what are they and why do they matter? In this short video Luke, our Instructional Designer, gives some concise answers to these questions.

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