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  1. News article image 7 reasons why companies need to go paperless

    Paperless offices are the future. But why exactly should a company aim at becoming paper-free? In this article, we explore 7 good reasons why any business that wants to improve efficiency and productivity should develop a digital solution to replace paper documents.

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  2. News article image Today’s Group offers training in multiple languages

    Wholesaler, Today's Group, expands it's members' training initiative into multiple languages to better suit their diverse workforce.

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  3. News article image 5 Top Tips to Create Effective Global eLearning

    International companies often need to roll out training in different regions and in different languages, but how do you create a global eLearning solution for an international audience that actually works? Here are some Dos and Don’ts to create effective eLearning for an international user base.

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  4. News article image The 5 point guide to the benefits of eLearning for the Construction Industry

    How can the Construction industry benefit from the deployment of eLearning solutions? In this blog, we explore 5 points in which this match can deliver unexpected, valuable results.

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  5. News article image Psychological Safety: how it can enhance the success of your team

    Psychological Safety can impact the performance and success of your team by making your staff feel more safe and motivated. Here are 6 steps to start improving your team productivity.

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  6. News article image Bolt Learning releases new eLearning Online Review System to optimise training development

    Bolt Learning has created a new eLearning Online Review System that makes the process of eLearning development more efficient and accurate than ever.

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  7. News article image Retailer Lifestyle Express expands online training for store staff

    Retailer Lifestyle Express has expanded it's Learning Academy, offering new eLearning modules to store staff focused on health and safety and growing sales

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  8. News article image What Makes a Great Leader?

    Effective management requires strong leadership skills. But what is Leadership? And what makes a good leader? Research shows many are ill equipped for Leadership in the current environment. Read our top tips.

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