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  1. News article image Benefits of a Cloud-Based LMS

    2017 was the year of the Cloud-Based LMS and we expect that trend to continue in 2018. What's so good about the Cloud? And why do we, as an eLearning company, find it so useful?

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  2. News article image Suresite launch new high-impact training for forecourts

    Forecourt expert Suresite has partnered with Bolt to provide forecourt retailers and staff with high impact online training to protect their stores, remain compliant and grow their sales.

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  3. News article image Top performing companies put learning at the heart of their strategy

    A new report shows that what top performing companies have in common is their commitment to learning. Discover how much poor learning is costing your business/

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  4. News article image How poor management training is costing the UK £19bn

    The UK is losing billions in lost productivity because of a lack of management skills. Not everyone is born to be a manager, but thanks to training virtually everyone can become a good leader - avoiding your business to lose money, and developing your human capital.

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  5. News article image Why you need to address fatigue management

    Fatigue is a potential workplace hazard which needs to be addressed, like any other. Learn the risks and how fatigue management training can minimise them.

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  6. News article image UK Employers spending less than average on employee training

    A skill shortage in the UK is leaving many vacancies unfilled and hindering business growth, and a lack of investment in training from employers is leaving the UK close to the bottom of the EU league table.

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  7. News article image How underage sales prevention training can save your retail business

    Failure to comply with the regulations surrounding age-restricted products can lead to severe penalties for retail. Discover how online training can ensure you don't need to worry about these risks.

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  8. News article image Accelerate customer experience to the next level with customer training

    eLearning and your digital learning platforms (LMS) can become a way to engage with your customers, inform them about your products' features and offer them support. Discover how you can take your customer engagement a step further.

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