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Retail expert

Tom co-owned and ran the shopper insights consultancy 'him! research & consulting' for 17 years - taking it from a small niche business to become a much larger niche business!

"My commercial passion is to help convenience stores improve all over the world, so I set up 'him! international' in late 2014. We are interviewing tens of thousands of shoppers in key convenience markets around the world ("

Tom's other passions are sport, travel, food & wine and spending time with amazing people.

"I love setting challenges for me, my family, my colleagues and my friends. We've done bike rides, marathons and parachute jumps for charity. Why? Because Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal (LINADR). I want to cram as much into my short life as possible."

"Training and personal development is important for everyone. We must all become 'lifelong learners'. The day we stop learning is the day we die. That's why I have joined Bolt."

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