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Learning Consultant

Father of Bolt Learning CEO, Tamlin Roberts, Stewart (Stu) has been officially retired for several years but is busier than ever – and happy that way!

He originally graduated in graphic design and has worked in a range of related roles that combined his passion for natural history and the environment with that of design.

As environmental awareness grew in the 1980’s, along with his wife, Maggy he developed a series of print-based active learning packs on environmental issues – co-incidentally introducing their young son, Tamlin to the idea of earning his pocket money, interactive education and the newly emerging role of computers!

After a spell as Head of a Design Unit  he taught graphic design and other subjects at graduate level. Since retiring from full-time education he continues to teach Art History on a distance learning course. The common thread is a passion for education and a belief that effective communication is the key to greater understanding, whether at work or in society at large. He now assists in quality control at Bolt Learning; proof-reading and advising on content and design issues.

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