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Instructional Designer

Steph has a strong background in learning, having originally trained as a teacher at Cambridge University and undertaken different roles within education. She became interested in eLearning, and the numerous benefits of online training to learners, when working as an Online Manager for an online tuition company and developed her skills in workplace training as a Software Trainer. Her previous experience has crystallised her desire to deliver interesting and engaging eLearning modules that develop skilled, motivated and committed employees who work in a culture of mutual trust and investment, and integration with business strategy.

What is life outside of work?

Steph lives in Glasgow with her husband and two guinea pigs, Clive & Henry. Most of her time outside of work is spent weight training and running (including establishing the Bolt running club, sometimes seen in a park in Paisley after work), and she can often be found on a weekend doing races, particularly training towards ridiculous trail ultramarathons. There’s also some occasional hill walking and she used to climb mountains in the Alps. She tries to challenge herself by learning new things the rest of the time, from University courses to teaching herself to knit, make clothes and decorating cakes – making models of Clive and Henry out of icing to go on the top of her wedding cake. Steph is also well known for her love of The Archers, Neighbours, Eurovision, and 80s music.

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