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Niall's role at Bolt

At Bolt, we are eager to find out everything we can about factors that influence the way in which people learn. Niall brings a different perspective to Bolt and is currently learning the 'tools of the trade' at Royal Holloway University.

Resident Psychology Student

Niall is a psychology undergraduate student who is keen to develop a broader understanding of psychology beyond the university curriculum. 

Born in Stafford but raised internationally, Niall's education consisted of being taught across five countries in three different continents. With exposure to many different cultures and individuals, Niall quickly discovered that the different cultures had strikingly similar individuals, who had been and were going through very similar life stages.

Being both confused and fascinated, Niall began to develop a deep interest in both social and neuro psychology. As a result, Niall wishes to learn as much as he can about individuals, the social environment that influences them and how they can both be developed and optimised to be the best they can be. 

What is life outside of work?

Niall trains in the Martial Arts and is an advanced cold water recreational scuba diver, with a passion for callisthenic gymnastics. 

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