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Learning Expert

After high school, Luke decided to go on an adventure to Cape Town, South Africa for a year. Around ten years later, he came back with a wife, a son, multiple degrees and considerable experience from the world of education to start a new adventure.

Luke’s Masters’ degree, as well as the experience he gained as the head of multiple departments at a prestigious high school, have provided him with a wealth of methodological knowledge and practical experience upon which he draws daily.

Equipped with a passion for high-quality education and learning, Luke strives to design courses that are creative, innovative, engaging and effective. All his work is underpinned by a solid and current knowledge of learning theory and a hunger for excellence in all that he does.



What is life outside of work?

Life is an adventure full of coffee snobbery, sport and good food, and Luke feels privileged to be on it with his wife Claire and his boys. Walks, stories, silliness, music, scrumming and eating are all parts of this. Together, they enjoy laughing with friends, chilling with family and hanging out in a community passionate about Jesus.



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