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Design Expert

Kristofor has been a designer and illustrator for over 10 years and has enjoyed a varied and vibrant workload during that time.

Kris is responsible for interpreting the client’s brand, style and design needs and developing a concept which is applicable to the overall scope of the project. This includes creating new and exciting images for use in presentations, storyboard sketches for new projects, photography, video and any other visual elements that will make the training process more fun to be part of.

From hand drawn sketches to slick vectored images, Kris is there to bring the source material alive.



What is life outside of work?

In everyday life, Kris is a musician (he once had a single reviewed in NME by Lilly Allen; she said it was ‘alright’), a scholar of Godzilla (Showa to Hesei era; Mathew Broderick does not count), part time comic book writer (unpublished) and spends too much of his spare time playing the PlayStation with his wife. She is much better than him.



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