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Assistant Graphic Designer

Jennifer grew up believing the old wives tale, 'you can’t earn a living as an artist'. After studying several other courses and still feeling unsatisfied, she finally decided to listen to her gut and pursued life as a designer. After receiving first-class honours in Graphic Design, she is now working as an Assistant Graphic Designer with Bolt. She claims every day is a treat to be able to prove the naysayers wrong.

On a day to day basis, Jennifer is responsible for the creation of graphical content. This involves creating graphical content that suit a chosen theme. The content varies drastically per project, allowing her to sharpen her skills and learn new techniques from her mentors. She mainly works digitally, specialising in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create new illustrations, edit photographic content and audio.

What is life outside of work?

Outside of work, Jennifer has a dangerous addiction to Netflix, which she frequents far too often. A typical evening follows the same structure of her better half by her side and some chocolate on her lap. Aside from this 'worrying' addiction, Jennifer is passionate about illustrating character designs. She loves playing with expressions and shape, and is influenced by the classical works of Disney and Studio Ghibli.

Jennifer has also become a member of the company jogging club instructed by Bolt’s very own fitness guru, Stephanie. She is also the proud owner of a very grumpy African Pygmy hedgehog named Felix. She still maintains they are very cuddly pets, even though her hands are a little worse for wear.

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