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Headquartered in Paisley, Scotland, Bolt Learning seeks to bring together technology and educational theory to create practical, applicable, training that allows people not just to learn but to learn how to learn. As Albert Einstein said "Education is not the Learning of Facts, but rather the training of the mind to think". 

Bolt Learning was founded in 2013 to bring together years of experience in the development of web-based technology, human computer interaction (usability) and a deep-rooted knowledge of educational theory, psychology and distance learning, to create a solution that could not only work within the workplaces but also in personal development. 

At the core of our solution is an innovative Learning Management System (LMS), that is flexible enough to be tailored to the needs of specific sets of learners, and a powerful eLearning editor that allows instructional designers (educationalists) to work directly on the creation of highly interactive modules without being hindered by the coding or media elements of such work, in effect allowing them to focus on what they are good at, creating great educational content.

Graphic designers, sound engineers, video artists, voice over artists and copywriters can all work in parallel, facilitating the creation of content at great speed whilst also allowing them to focus on the aspects they are best at.

Lastly, the code required for the interactive content is developed by the system and is abstracted away from the author, leaving the development team to develop great code that is reusable.

Our highly talented and creative team, who have an insatiable drive to create amazing educational experiences are hugely supportive at all stages of our client's projects.

Bolt has gained a great reputation for delivering highly engaging training experiences over many different sectors and training requirements and is currently delivering training in over 50 countries and in many different languages. 

"Education is the most powerful means by which you can change the World."


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