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Slingshot Edge helps their clients close more business and build their pipeline with stories that sell. 



60% of sales cycles end in no decisions. The Slingshot Edge method taps into the decision making areas of a buyer's brain, enabling sales reps to create consistent, visual stories that grab a prospects’ attention. 

Slingshot Edge consultants work with your messaging stakeholders to develop their stories, and launch them to your sales teams via eLearning and sales tools. They arm your sales reps with the knowledge and know-how to transform complex information into effective, conversational stories that trigger the decision-making part of the buyer’s brain. 

Slingshot Edge works throughout the world in developing selling strategies and developing sales enablement for some of the largest tech companies in the world from Palo Alto and Microfocus to Snow software.

The Slingshot method simply changes the way reps tell your stories so they’ll hit home faster. This is innovative and impactful sales capability training at it's best.

Our work with Slingshot Edge. 

Bolt has partnered with Slingshot Edge to create impactful online modules focused on driving sales capability and enablement.

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