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Eve Poole is an expert on leadership. But from her experience of working with thousands of leaders across the world, she knows that the work of a leader is not as easy as it’s made out to be. This inspired her to develop the idea of Leadersmithing: a new movement that teaches leaders the tricks of the trade, so they can become masters in the craft of leadership.




Eve's approach to leadership is all about working day-to-day to gain real experience in the critical moments of leading so that leaders can develop muscle memory to handle future incidents. By using this approach she can help exisiting and aspiring leaders to achieve their leadership goals. 

Bolt Learning is teaming up with Eve Poole to build a series of eLearning Leadership modules based on her book Leadersmithing. The book, which uses insights gained by Ashridge Business School about how leaders really learn, guides readers through the process of becoming more job-ready and more effectively resourced for the challenges they face.

By combining the power of eLearning with the wisdom from Eve's Leadersmithing movement learners will be prepared to become a more confident leader, more perceptive as to their vocation and mandate, and able to maintain the most effective position at the very top of their game.

If you you would like to get in touch with Eve Poole to find out more about the revoloutionary work that she does then contact her today! 




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