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Acting Up delivers behavioural and cultural change within health and safety. They place the human element at the heart of health and safety with a tailored series of live theatre pieces, films, stories, eLearning modules and workshops.




Acting Up engages with the clients on a number of levels, generally starting with a short, edgy theatre performance, telling a story from a completely different angle so that the audience is powerfully affected by what they’ve seen. They follow this with an energised workshop session developing training materials and short films which move away from the pre-set corporate agenda and instead use the trainees own knowledge, experiences and language. Acting Up helps recognise the unique personality of a company and uses this to generate real change in culture and behaviour.

Our work with Acting Up.

Acting Up have partnered with Bolt Learning to create edgy and impactful eLearning modules. All modules have been developed with the aim of empowering each individual to take control of their own safety.

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