Headquartered in Scotland, Training the World

Since 2013, Bolt has gained a great reputation for delivering highly engaging learning experiences in many different sectors and training requirements and is currently delivering training in more than 50 countries and many different languages.


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Why us?

Our immensely talented and creative team encompasses many respective years of experience in the development of web-based technology, human-computer interaction and a deep-rooted knowledge of educational theory, psychology and distance learning. We wanted to create a solution that could not only work within workplaces but also in personal development.

We are experts

Our knowledge on how people learn effectively is based on the science of learning and years of experience.

We are quick

A short, basic module can take only a week to deliver, because our process is streamlined for a rapid development.

We don't do boring

We develop storylines that will keep your learners invested from beginning to end. Our modules thrill, stimulate and engage.

We have the technology

Our LMS Spark is flexible, scalable and fast both in delivery of content and gathering of data.

We are people's people

We guide you through every step of the process and are available for support whenever you need us.



Learning and development consultancy specialists

Bolt Learning specialises in Compliance, Digital Transformation and Programme Development Consultancy in learning and development. Our experts combine the years of business experience with unprecedented technical knowledge to steer your company in the right direction when it comes to bridging the gap between current proficiencies and future demands for workplace skills.


eLearning Content Experts

We have built a powerful eLearning editor that allows instructional designers to work directly on the creation of highly interactive modules. Graphic designers, sound engineers, video artists, voice-over artists and copywriters can all work in parallel, facilitating the creation of content at great speed.


Innovative Learning Management System - Spark

The core of our solution is Spark, a Learning Management System that allows us to distribute training anywhere on the planet, whether your organisation has 200 or 200,000 users. It also enables our clients to get powerful reporting down to minute details on the progress of their teams, regions and individual trainees. It is so state-of-the-art that we dedicated an entire page to it.


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